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According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, in 2010 and 2011, Christopher Wolf operated Rothchild & Associates LLC, in Brooklyn, New York. Rothchild was in the business of selling precious metals to investors over the telephone. Wolf earned commissions from Rothchild, but took steps to conceal this income by directing that it be paid to shell corporations he created. Wolf then caused the filing of false individual and corporate income tax returns that underreported his commission income and claimed phony expense deductions. Wolf’s fraudulent conduct resulted in a tax loss of approximately $240,000.

China WoWo Woes

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People's Bank of China announced a 1-percentage-point reduction in the Chinese central bank’s required reserve ratio effective October 15th. This is the third reserve ratio reduction in 2018 following the 100 and then a basis-point cuts announced in April and June. A basis point equals 1/100th of 1%, thus 100 BP = 1%.

What This Means

The amount of cash that most banks must hold in reserve is now less than earlier this year. This is being done to reduce finacing costs and supr growth. Why? The economic drag from the esclating trade dispute with the United States is having significant effects on China. As Trump would say: Winning.

Now What

China will reportedly invest billions into infrastructure projects as the economy cools further. Spying and general hijinks by the Chinese industrialists, government officials and puppets, and bankers is slowing being reported by corrupted U.S. media outlets. We use the word "corrupted" because of the well documented "advertising dollar" pressure placed by foreign lobbyists (sales) for approved spin doctoring. (1)


The impact of reduced exports is real and showing the clout that he U.S. continues to have; however, that clout will not last for more than another decade at best.

Coming to a Future Blog

The boom and potential bust of 55+ retirement communities, beginning around 2023 and 2033. The prospects for the next 15 years may be significantly different from the next 15 years.

(1) "We will bury you." Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev while addressing Western ambassadors at a reception at the Polish embassy in Moscow on November 18, 1956. Commonly referred to as "we will defeat you from within."

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Guide & Glide

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  • We guide our clients at their request.
  • The adventure does not need to be difficult.
  • But there will be difficult times.
  • Flexibility to do what is right for you.
  • A trusted source for questions in need of a practical answer.
  • It's Better
  • It's Simple
  • It Works.

Mountains & Molehills

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You Know...

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Generally speaking, those who are true coaches are valuable to many professional and amateur athletes. The coach does not do what the athlete does but often has in the past. Building upon real-world experience and continuing to stay abreast of current events, coupled with the acquisition of relevant and substantial knowledge, a good coach can be the difference between a championship and a losing season. With coaching having moved from sports to the executive office suites and all stations in between, coaching works when the one coaching is working at it like a business.


Bad coaching occurs when one has a personal agenda that conflicts with the person coached. Using one with less talent to increase the value and capabilities of another with more ability, and all the while, telling the lesser qualified that they are just a good and will one day make it, all to merely keep them in the game as fodder for the one with the natural talent is bad to the bone coaching; with bad as bad, not an autantonym for good.


The ugly occurs when a coach is a commission based salesperson and using coaching as a ruse to sell a product or service that may or may not be needed. Ugly coaching is becoming a trend among some financial product salespeople. Many pseudo-financial planners are growing frustrated with the rejection that more and more people are heaping on them of their ballyhoo services; especially among the higher educated, experienced, and wealthy.


Affinity fraud has been around as long as man, and his biped kinfolk have been roaming this ball of mud we call earth. The bright line between affinity fraud and marketing is often a scant sliver at best. Knowing this and the fact that several religious and non-religious media personalities are into or promoting coaching, coach training, and an onslaught of written, audio, and video material, all for prices that ensure more million into the pockets of the talking head, the solution is this: Just Say No Nancy. Can I get an Amen?

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State Debt

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  • Population: 21,062,000
  • Food Stamp Recipients: 3,148,000
  • Debt Per Citizen: $6,858


  • Population: 12,754,000
  • Food Stamp Recipients: 1,793,000
  • Debt Per Citizen: $ 11,647


  • Population: 39,564,000
  • Food Stamp Recipients: 3,831,000
  • Debt Per Citizen: $ 10,894


  • Population: 28,393,000
  • Food Stamp Recipients: 5,468,000
  • Debt Per Citizen: $10,538

New York

  • Population: 19,742,000
  • Food Stamp Recipients: 2,761,000
  • Debt Per Citizen: $18,087


  • Population: 3,565,000
  • Food Stamp Recipients: 382,000
  • Debt Per Citizen: $15,023


  • Population: 6,844,000
  • Food Stamp Recipients: 730,000
  • Debt Per Citizen: $14,676


  • Population: 6,657,000
  • Food Stamp Recipients: 588,000
  • Debt Per Citizen: $8,395


  • Population: 9,941,000
  • Food Stamp Recipients: 1,232,000
  • Debt Per Citizen: $7,911

The following picture is from page 63 of the Financial Report of the United States Government for fiscal year 2016, from the Department of Treasury, dated January 12, 2017. This report is required by federal law but is rarely reported. An old statute requires the Treasury to issue an annual financial statement, similar to a corporation’s annual report, and the 75 year future debt of Social Security and Medicare is:

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$46,700,000,000,000 ($46.7 Trillion)

An old statute requires the Treasury to issue an annual financial statement, similar to a corporation’s annual report

Think About It

And $467 trillion does not include all of the rest of the debt that's out there.

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Closed End Mutual Funds

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Closed-End Mutual Funds (CEF)

Closed-end mutual funds (CEFs) are rarely used by retail or institutional investors. CEFs are a portfolio of securities that pay out dividends and capital gains, but you cannot redeem shares on a daily basis and the number of shares issued by the CEF is fixed. Generally speaking, most of the CEFs on the market were created in the '80s and few have been created in recent years. CEFs are publicly traded investment companies, regulated by the SEC. Once the IPO is subscribed, there are no additional shares available other than on the secondary market. CEFs are usually specialized portfolios of securities that specialize in a specific industry or sector. Like open-end mutual funds, CEFs have management costs that are reported as expense ratios. According to Fidelity:

All CEFs must report their expense ratios according to a formula set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The expense ratios are expressed as a percentage of average net assets. Most leveraged CEFs levy management fees against total assets, not just net assets, though this is not considered a best practice. Doing so results in higher management fees. A management fee of 0.50% on a $500 million unleveraged fund is $2.5 million. If there is an additional $250 million in leverage, the fund provider can rake in an additional $1.25 million. The argument that it would cost more to manage a $750 million leveraged portfolio versus a $500 million unleveraged fund does not hold water. Investment management is a highly scalable business, meaning higher assets under management do not correlate highly with additional costs. Because such funds levy fees against total assets but must report expense ratios against net assets, their expense ratios are typically relatively high.

At TrueStar Advisors, not only do we not increase the cost for leverage, we do not use leverage or charge an "Assets Under Management" commission (yes, it's a commission, not a fee when it's discriminatory). Our individual stock sector portfolios make more and more sense the more you know.

**Reference: **

“Closed End Fund Expense Ratio - Fidelity.” How Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Stocks Trade - Fidelity, Fidelity , 2012

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CFP Board Opposes State Regulation

September 24, 2018 - Investment News - Mark Schoeff, Jr.

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. announced Monday that it opposes state regulation of planners. The organization is staking out its position to try to preempt potential bills from percolating in statehouses as most legislatures come back into session early next year.

According to the article "A 2017 survey conducted on the board's behalf showed that only 13% of CFPs favored state regulation."

Our Opinion

The CFP Board that governs those with a Certified Financial Planner designation have not and are not living up to the true fiduciary based definition of what a financial planner is. The financial planning process is corrupt from start to finish because it was built upon the meetings that took place in 1974 to build an organization that would better serve those who sold insurance and securities by way of training and certification. Also, the word "certified" implies a level of competency similar to that of "Certified" Public Accountants. Moreover, it should be noted that the awarding of a CPA designation is awarded on a state level.

As I have said for over thirty years: - A financial planning accreditation process and oversight board for educational providers is appropriate. - Mixing accreditation, admission to practice, and regulatory authority all into one organization, similar to that of the Florida Bar Association, is wrong.
- Accreditation should be based on minting true fiduciary-based planners who are not conflicted, salespeople. - If one follows the money, one knows the motivation of the CFP.


Become a CPA

Educational accrditation, educator, regulator, enforcer, the CFP board should pick on and stop being Judge Roy Bean.

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The following is a list of those who have been disciplined by the CFP Board and was obtained from the website of the CFP. The question is this:

ALABAMA Revocations Raymond B. Cahoon (Tuscumbia) Randall M. Hancock (Birmingham) Henry E. Walker (Helena) Interim Suspension Henry E. Walker, Jr. (Helena) Letters of Admonition Bernard R. Michaud (Birmingham) Sylvia R. Roberts (Mobile)

ALASKA Letter of Admonition Sheila D. Miller (Anchorage)

ARIZONA Revocations Marilyn M. Brooks (Phoenix) Jeffrey T. Burrows (Carefree) Charles E. Conatser (Tucson) Christopher J. Dietz (Surprise) Robert F. Hockensmith (Glendale) David Lesnick (Goodyear) Robert O. Mason (Chandler) Alonzo Russell (Gilbert) Charles R. Stedman (Tucson) Randy J. Tudor (Phoenix) Suspensions Charles E. Conatser (Tucson) Glenn S. Cushman (Phoenix) David B. Garrison (Tonopah) Letters of Admonition Gary J. Deardorff (Glendale) David Dick (Tempe) Kelvin William Gold (Phoenix) Mark E. Rauguth (Mesa) Geoffrey W. White (Tempe)

ARKANSAS Revocation Dawn M. Hanson (Garfield) Robert Bragg (Hot Springs Village) Suspension Carla L. Chastain (Rogers) Letter of Admonition Henry H. Godbee III (Little Rock)

CALIFORNIA Administrative Revocation William Scott Bray (Monterey) Revocations Robert E. Barth (Laguna Niguel) Martin D. Batstone (San Diego) Gene Baynes (San Diego) John C. Bergman, Jr. (San Diego) Steven T. Bissell (Fairfield) Clyde J. Bruff (Oakland) David L. Bustrum (Anaheim) Timothy J. Clyman (Encinitas) Linda S. Cornish (Santa Clara) Robin Davidson (Santa Barbara) Antoine Doumad (Laguna Hills) Larry A. Eggers (San Jose/Gilroy) Warren V. Einolander (Lompoc) Jeffrey A. Forrest (San Luis Obispo) Michael R. Frager (La Jolla) Robert D. Fuger (La Mesa) James E. Gasper (La Jolla) Karl J. Gerlach (Castro Valley) Michael E. Goldstein (Los Angeles/Beverly Hills) Shawn R. Gutierrez (Yuba City) Jack A. Harriman (Monrovia) Tasos C. Hatzimichael (San Diego) Deborah W. Henke (Newbury Park) Robert T. Hollero (Los Angeles) Stephen J. Hoshimi (Newport) George C. Huff (Novato) Larry Klein (Walnut Creek) Patrick J. Kuhse (San Diego) Roder L. Latham (Apple Valley) Frank W. Leonesio (Beach) Hugh M. Liddle, Jr. (Martinez/Sonora) Jeffrey R. Ludes (Novato/San Rafael) Donald D. Lukens (Camarillo) B. Peter Maddern (Riverbank) Thomas V. Meaglia (Irvine) Duane L. McBride (Escondido/San Diego) Diane M. Miller (San Diego) Michael J. Moore (Garden Grove/Stanton) Sean Taylor Moore (Temecula) Ray A. Nakatani (Anaheim) Stephen E. Prout (Fresno) Scott Richards (Los Angeles) James T. Riner (Redlands) Mark D. Romano (Lakewood) Ronald E. Salda (Irvine/Santa Ana) R. David Sanborn (Los Angeles/Burbank) Gary “Gar” W. Satrom (Sacramento) Richard L. Sawyer (San Diego) June B. Sayer (San Diego) Clark O. Schafer (Oakland) Fred A. Schluep (Red Bluff and San Mateo) Raoul G. Sevelius (Chico) Richard M. Silverstein (La Jolla) Paul E. Skoczylas (San Francisco) Anthony R. Sorge (Solana Beach/San Diego) Carlo J. Sparacino (Trabuco Canyon) Donald K. Speirs (Santa Ynez) Charles L. Sterling (Irvine) Howard P. Tangler (San Clemente) Jimmy W. Villalobos (La Mesa) William H. Watson, III (San Jose) R. Steven Wilkinson (Oakland) Gordon K. Williamson (La Jolla) Brian W. Wright (Encinitas/San Diego) John W. Wright (San Clemente) Richard M. Yacko (San Diego) Russell Wayne Young (Irvine) Suspensions Louis E. Barnes, II (Cayucos) Lawrence K. Bushey (Ventura) Susan C. Cromwell (Valencia) Alain S. Corcos (Westlake Village) Robert M. Dahlstedt (Castro Valley/San Ramon) Brett S. Ellen (Westlake Village) Carl A. Engele (Bakersfield) Garry A. Estrada (Murrieta) Robert L. Farley (Visalia) David L. Gabai (West Hills) John J. Gardner (Pleasanton) David Larkin George (Carlsbad) David A. Kirkpatrick (Ventura) Larry I. Klein (Walnut Creek) Peter M. Landay (Los Angeles) Gregg R. Leslie (Carlsbad) Edwin M. Lickiss (Alamo) Paul R. Mata (Rancho Cucamonga) Fielder J. Mattox (Cardiff) Edward A. Maxfield (Desert Hot Springs) Richard Benn McFarland, Jr. (Watsonville) Oscar W. Mink (Lake Arrowhead) Kenneth G. Mosbey (Westlake Village) Michael B. Mulvihill (San Jose) Richard F. Norris (Los Angeles) Micheal Ono (La Mirada) Stephen M. Rice (Los Gatos) Rollo Richard Norton, II (San Diego) Cheryl Nunn (Scotts Valley) Kunio Okui (Castro Valley) Leonard A. Robbins (Calabasas) Michael T. Ryan (Santa Ana) Max J. Safdie (Mill Valley) Douglas K. Shannep (San Diego) Al Tatro (Rolling Hills Estates) Jerod A. Wurm (Roseville) Igor A. Zey (Los Angeles) Sheldon G. Zimmerman (San Diego) Interim Suspensions Jacob K. Cooper (San Diego) Jeffrey A. Forrest (San Obispo) David L. Gabai (West Hills) Max J. Safdie (Mill Valley) Delay of CFP® Certification Eric C. Howie (Santa Clara) Letters of Admonition Ralph J. Adamo (Newport Beach) Libbie Agram (Santa Monica) Gwendolyn Biggs (Sacramento) Stephen J. Casa (San Ramon) Cynthia M. Couyoumjian (Tustin) Dennis J. DeYoung (Northridge/Tarzana) David A. Dickson (Orangevale) Brett S. Ellen (Westlake Village) Steven E. Fairchild (Gold River) Alvin W. Gebhart (Fallbrook) Darin Gibson (Irvine) Michael E. Goldstein (Los Angeles/Beverly Hills) Richard J. Griswold (Simi Valley) Leonard I. Heller (San Ramon) David B. Hooks (Camarillo) Craig Alan Horner (San Diego) Terry L. Jones (Costa Mesa) Harold S. Kern (San Jose) Theodore A. Lange (Carlsbad) Ernest J. Miars (Carlsbad) Steven T. Miller (Westlake Village/Sherman Oaks) W. Aubrey Morrow (San Diego) Thomas W. Naylor (San Diego) Richard J. Shanks (San Diego) Gary F. Thomas (Redwood City) Ralph C. Williams (Lancaster) Frederick M. Woolley (Redlands) Permanent Relinquishments Michael A. Bowers (Escondido) Phillip Kohlmeyer (Pleasant Hill)

COLORADO Revocations Vincent E. Barborka (Colorado Springs) Riley W. Barker (Denver) Gordon M. Budreau (Denver) Chad A. Carpenter (Denver) Cary D. Clark (Englewood) John R. Erb (Steamboat Springs) Bruce L. Fleet (Greenwood Village) David L. Gresty (Aurora) Nelson C. Krum, Sr. (Denver) Brent L. Marvin (Highlands Ranch) Jeffrey D. Ogle (Littleton) Norman P. Rounds (Boulder) Michael L. Seat (Broomfield) James. J. Valasek (Colorado Springs) Rick D. VanVleet (Fort Collins) Robert L. West (Greenwood Village) Darrell J. Williams (Colorado Springs) Suspensions Charles Battle (Denver) Carol E. Dixon (Longmont) Kent A. Fairweather (Denver) James F. Glaza (Colorado Springs) Jeannette A. Howes (Colorado Springs) Scott B. Nelson (Lone Tree) Louis W. Welt (Boulder) Devon A. Wright (Golden) Letters of Admonition Mark A. Cose (Glenwood Springs) Jason G. Hovde (Castle Rock) Jim Newcomb (Fort Collins) Martin T. Streetman (Castle Rock) Patricia W. Wier (Boulder)

CONNECTICUT Revocations William R. Barto (Hockessin) John J. Costello (Stamford) Richard Garrick (Danbury) Alan E Grate (Rocky Hill) Matthew Lechner (Westport) Brian T. Lenihan (Darien) Noah L. Myers (Lyme) William T. Sears (Waterbury) Malcolm M. Sklar (Fairfield) Kenneth P. Wirth (Greenwich) Todd A. Zonca (Howell) Suspensions Joel M. Johnson (Wethersfield) David J. Scranton (Westbrook) Interim Suspensions Noah L. Myers (Lyme) Michael John Smeriglio III (Greenwich) Letters of Admonition Dale R. Aldieri (Middletown) Kyle Egress (West Hartford) Robert J. Fortier (Chester) Edwin A. Toth (Cheshire)

DELAWARE Revocation William R. Barto (Hockessin)

FLORIDA Administrative Revocations Marc H. Baldinger (Stuart) Joseph M. Browne (Jacksonville Beach) Jamie D. Pope (Winter Park) Ronald W. Vaught (Melbourne) Revocations Carol M. Allen (Deland) Diane L. Barriga (Parkland) Kenneth W. Brown (Ocean Ridge/Boca Raton) Scott Browning (Tampa) Richard N. Davis (Tampa) Charles E. Foy (Saint Augustine) Gregory L. Fuhrman (Englewood) Jay J. Gelfenbaum (Coral Springs) Robert N. Gest Jr. (Lighthouse Point) Joseph E. Giewartowski (Orlando) Thomas J. Gregory (Maitland) Gail G. Griseuk (Saint Petersburg) Robert Gutner (Boynton Beach) Robert Hedges (Deerfield Beach) Kirk F. Henderson (North Palm Beach) Thomas S. Jackman (Cape Coral) Robert C. Jensen (Miami Lakes) Mark P. Koestner (Naples) David J. Kury (Coral Springs/Lake Butler) Richard J. Lanigan (Laurel/Port Charlotte) Thomas R. Lomas (Longwood) Ramona V. MacKinnon (Naples/Tallahassee) Clifford W. Maher (Fort Lauderdale) Marcus R. Michles (Winter Park) Allen R. Montgomery (Lakeland) Blake S. Murray (Deland/Lake Mary) Robert J. Nies (Saint Petersburg) Mark E. Nichols (Naples) Carl W. Nolting (Fort Lauderdale) Robert J. Papolos (Tallahassee) Aaron R. Parthemer (Fort Lauderdale) Bruce Pivar (Naples) Nicholas J. Ruggeri (Clearwater) Craig P. Scanlon (Madeira Beach) Brenda M. Scott (Belleair/Clearwater) David E. Sears (Nokomis) C. Douglas Sedlak (Boca Raton) Brian J. Sheen (Boca Raton) Neal S. Smalbach (Palm Harbor) Donald C. Smith (University Park) Sandee G. Tanner (Brooksville) Steven W. Taylor (Stuart) Frederic W. Tokars (Palm Beach) David E. Trotter, Sr. (Windermere) Glen R. Walker (Pinellas Park/Tampa) Pearlena Wallace (West Palm Beach) Michael J. Wells (Winter Park) Richard I. Weise (Naples) Samuel L. Williams (Lake Worth/Boca Raton) Denial of CFP® Certification Christopher V. Eardley (Ocala) Suspensions Fred J. Anderson (Lehigh Acres) Juan Jose Barberis (Jacksonville) W. Steve Brown (Jacksonville) Jeffrey Cimbal (Parkland) Melvyn D. Cohen (Lake Worth) Adam S. Deane (Naples) James B. Evans (Clearwater) Mario J. Ferrari (Boca Raton) Kenneth A. Friedman (Jasksonville) Michael C. Gainer (Jacksonville Beach) Larry L. Galantis (Saint Petersburg) Frederick G. Gartz (Naples) Henry T. Goode (Melbourne) Michael Hanke (Lutz) Larry C. Hill (Boca Raton) Scott D. Krause (Windemere) Robert D. Lovett (Coral Springs) Andrew W. MacGill (Tampa) Bernard E. Ribordy (Seminole) T. “Jerry” Royer (Altamonte Springs) Riad Shanawany (Tamarac) Jason E. Stephens (Naples) Lewis N. Waltzer (Sanibel) William G. Whitcomb (Fort Myers) Bruce E. Winter (Boca Raton) Mark N. Wright (Sarasota) Herman W. Yurman (Saint Petersburg) Interim Suspensions Diane L. Barriga (Parkland) Brian G. Doherty (Naples) Jamie D. Pope (Winter Park) Neal S. Smalbach (Palm Harbor) Ronald W. Vaught (Melbourne) William G. Whitcomb (Fort Myers) Letters of Admonition James A. Barry, Jr. (Highland Beach) Jason K. Chepenik (Winter Park) Robin S. Davis (Stuart) Duncan C. DeWahl (Maitland) Nathaniel Goldenberg (Tampa) Kirk L. Gravelle (Jacksonville) Richard Happle (Tampa) William R. Hutchisson, Jr. (Palm Harbor/Clearwater) Robert R. Liggero (Atlantic Beach) Mark A. Lurz (Bradenton) Matthew E. Marone (St. Petersburg) Thomas W. Markowsky (Orlando) William F. Perkins (Tarpon Springs) Richard T. Salter (Boynton Beach/Juno Beach) C. Douglas Sedlak (Boca Raton) Steve I. Shrago (Sun City Center) Russell Bruce Simmons (Tampa) Christopher F. Wendland (Fort Myers) Robert G. Yarbrough (Ormond Beach) William P. Yurkovac (Naples)

GEORGIA Administrative Revocations Allen L. Mitchell (Decatur) Casaline Woods (Douglasville) Revocations Charles B. Davis (Snellville) Homer W. Forster (Atlanta) David Edward Marcinko (Norcross) J. Chandler Peterson (Atlanta) James S. Quay (Atlanta) L. Britt Talbert (Norcross) Jay L. Thacker (Atlanta) William R. Wills, III (Douglas) Suspensions Randy R. Brunson (Duluth) Austin C. Cogswell (Atlanta) Linda King (Atlanta) Joseph R. Rollins (Atlanta) Abigail M. Whittle (Roswell) Letters of Admonition Lisa R. Boone (Atlanta) Darold C. Brooks (Marietta) Wesley C. Brumfield (Alpharetta) John T. Carter (Macon) Mark E. Davis (St. Simons Island) Stephen K. Simpson (Macon)

GERMANY Letter of Admonition Barry E. Swanson (Heidelberg)

HAWAII Revocations Jon C. Stanley (Honolulu) Charles K.H. Wong (Aiea) Letters of Admonition Edward T. Coda (Honolulu) J. Michael Vaughn (Lahaina)

IDAHO Revocation Larry K. Stoker (Boise) James Charles Stone (Post Falls) Suspension Daniel W. Pinkerton (Coeur d’Alene)

ILLINOIS Revocations James E. Bickle (Freeport) Randy M. Depoister (Dixon) Nicholas W. Ferlis (Northbrook) Dan Glick (Orland Park) Roger A. Householder (Park Ridge) James W. Jonen (Hoffman Estates) Linda K. Kofron (Rockford) John D. Lauer (Chicago) James A. Maratea (Park Ridge) Kenneth Puckett (Palatine) Michael J. Tomasino (Hoffman Estates) James A. Tures (Rockford) Algird M. Norkus (Oak Brook) Suspensions Abisoye I. Adekoya (Chicago) James M. Chen (Bloomingdale) Robert W. Esch (Alhambra) Steven Gutow (Des Plains/Rosemont) Thomas J. Hallman (Frankfort/Orland Park) Joel Robert Heffington (Hinsdale) William F. Kovacic (Palos Heights) Lynda C. Paul (Gurnee) David W. Schlossberg (East Dundee) Jeffrey D. Stein (Aurora) Robert D. Tomlinson (Arlington Heights) Interim Suspension William F. Kovacic (Palos Heights) Algrid M. Norkus (Oak Brook) Letters of Admonition Sue Ann Appleby (Belvidere) George E. Arocha (Bourbannais) Phillip C. Coad (Mount Prospect) Richard Konst (Chicago) John O. Miller (Lemont) Timothy J. Stearns (Arlington Heights) Norris E. Williamson (Darien) Permanent Relinquishment John M. Carlson (Bloomingdale)

INDIANA Revocations Shawn Dunn (Highland) Louis J. Mohlman (Leo) Dawn L. Muldrow (Indianapolis) Michael J. Plummer (Anderson) David I. Proctor, Jr. (Indianapolis) Mary L. Sandars (Mishawaka) Letters of Admonition Felix M. Diaz (Dyer) Gary L. Pittsford (Indianapolis) Deborah E. Romary (Fort Wayne) Timothy M. Scannell (Valparaiso)

IOWA Revocations Stephen William Connolly (Earlham) Donald G. DeWaay Jr. (Clive) Dennis A. Hohn (Ottumwa) Kent W. Larsen (Nevada/Ames) Suspensions Mark A. Geertsma (Independence) Dwight W. Moats (Cherokee) Burnell R. Smith (Dubuque) Chris B. Steele (West Des Moines) Letter of Admonition John S. Tuve (Waterloo)

KANSAS Revocation Larry Lee Crawford (North Newton) John M. Kittle (Wichita) Suspension Ronald W. Reeves (Wichita) Letter of Admonition Shawn M. Wyatt (Hutchinson)

KENTUCKY Revocations Robert L. Bootes (Louisville) Louis A. Carmichael (Lexington) Suspensions Scott A. Brooks (Edgewood) Brian A. Guilliom (Waddy) Lee C. Helmers (Lexington) Alfred D. Holland (Nancy) Roy Dwane Johnson (Raceland) Letter of Admonition Brian A. Guilliom (Louisville) Garrett Lee Headley (Lexington)

LOUISIANA Revocation John P. Miller (Baton Rouge)

MAINE Revocations James F. Vigue (Waterville) Michael L. Hancock (Falmouth) Letter of Admonition R. Kenneth Lindell (Bangor)

MARYLAND Revocations Thomas S. Greeves (Rockville) Linda A. Hodge (Derwood/Gaithersburg) Michael P. Keating, Sr. (Ellicot City) J.J. Jaso (Marriottsville) Richard D. McGervey (Fort Washington) Suspensions Kathy W. Gordon (Snow Hill) Lisa Herman (Bethesda) Steven L. Schippel (Frederick) Letters of Admonition Gregory K. Bowser (Abingdon) Christopher T. Holcomb (Severn) William I. Kissinger (Cockeysville) James R. Klima (Columbia)

MASSACHUSETTS Revocations Anthony J. Bille (Hopkinton) Bradford C. Bleidt (Boston) Peter C. Bucchieri (Orleans) Leo R. Burns (Leominster) Dennis P. Goselin (Worcester) William B. Smith (Grafton) Suspensions David P. Gerstenblatt (Newton) Philip C. McMorrow (Methuen) Robert L. O’Neil (Medford) Roger Patch (Topsfield/Boston) Larry M. Post (Boston) Swan S. Shen (Andover) Gerald P. Stonehouse (Norwell/Hingham) Letters of Admonition Dawna Berube (Methuen) Richard A. Connell (Hingham)

MICHIGAN Revocations Mark J. Carpenter (Ann Arbor) James Currier (Bloomfield Hills) Michael T. Fant (Plymouth) Paul C. French, Jr. (Bangor) Robert Johnston (Birmingham) E. David Marande (Grosse Pointe/Sterling Heights) Brett M. Plew (Kalamazoo) Mark W. Promack (Clinton Township) Stanley A. Snider (Detroit) Curtis L. Whipple (Canton) Moses Wilson (Troy) Permanent Relinquishment Carl P. Kellogg (Ada) Suspensions Anthony Agbay (Bloomfield Hills) William L. Davis (Troy) Rex D. Foster (East Lansing) Paul C. French, Jr. (Bangor) Kenneth M. Harb (Livonia/West Bloomfield) Steve D. Parrett (Escanaba) Thomas G. Pilch (Northville) Christopher T. Reid (Rochester Hills) Dominic J. Sacca (Bloomfield Hills) Donald J. VanderWeele (Manistee) Interim Suspension Mark J. Carpenter (Ann Arbor) Letters of Admonition Rodney L. Clark (Tecumseh) David Philip Globig (Spring Arbor) John R. Hantz (Southfield) Sean E. Mattson (South Lyon) Harold M. Miller (Bay City)

MINNESOTA Administrative Revocations F. Christopher Piatt (Bloomington) Lance J. Ziesemer (Wayzata) Revocations Jon Palmer Brown (Bloomington) Christopher A. Lowry (St. Paul) Barbara J. Stark (Eden Prairie) Bruce D. Workman (Hamel) Suspensions David E. Hitchcock (Spring Lake Park) Kevin M. Nevin (St. Louis Park) Christopher A. Root (Edina) Robert Smrekar (Minneapolis) Lance J. Ziesemer (Waconia) Interim Suspensions F. Christopher Piatt (Bloomington) Barbara J. Stark (Eden Prairie) Letter of Admonition Greg M. Ferguson (Edina) Kelly F. Guncheon (Minnetonka) Michael P. Kaselnak (Rochester)

MISSISSIPPI Revocations C. Douglas Gulley, Jr. (Pascagoula) John H. Romfh (Jackson) Suspensions C. Douglas Gulley, Jr (Ocean Springs) Kenneth M. Harb (Livonia/West Bloomfield)

MISSOURI Administrative Revocation James W. Smith (Creve Coeur) Revocations William B. Alpert (Kansas City) Richard A. Fitzer (St. Louis) C. Rodney George (St. Louis) Michael G. Grimes (St. Louis) Guido N. Negri (Saint Louis) David Scott Rankin (Saint Charles) Jon G. Symon (Kansas City) Suspensions Lowell A. Roth (O’Fallon) Douglas A. Siebert (St. Louis) D. Robin Walker (Verona) Letter of Admonition Dennis A. Haubert, Jr. (Columbia) Christopher J. Jacob (St. Louis)

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A Deep Dive

Real Estate Investment Trusts, Commercial, Retail, Trends, Working & Life Changes

Thank you to Carlos Medina of the Ocala Star Banner for the opportunity to share a few ides (Sale-leaseback sought for Sears at Paddock Mall in Ocala) and the professionalism you display with each article.

  • Commercial construction trends are better today than a few years ago but with a difference.
  • 2017 REITs underperformed the broad stock indexes; however, 9% overall return is nothing to sneeze about and that percentage is close to the long-term average for REITs generally, based on the All U.S. REIT Index which has been around since 1972.
  • REITs are a way for those who are land rich to become cash flush and are best suited for long-term individual investors seeking a steady cash flow and dividend.
  • Retirees have been sold REITs as an alternative income source due to low interest rates; however, very few investors should ever consider or buy a non-traded REIT.
  • REITs are sold to retail and institutional investors as an alternative to bonds.
  • There are 189 REITs traded on the New York Stock Exchange and 226 make up the FTSE Nareit All REITs Index
  • FTSE: Financial Times Stock Exchange - Think of FTSE as a news organization that creates indexes and tracking services akin to Dow Jones.
  • Current REIT activity could be due in part to the anticipation that interest rates will rise.
  • Rising interest rates can be a significant headwind; however, REIT leverage is at the lowest level since REITs have been tracked.
  • There are two additional keys in terms of current leverage. One, 81% of outstanding debt is held at a fixed rate (not variable). And two, the weighted average term to maturity is 6.3 years 2024, which is a presidential election year.
  • Tax law changes recently enacted were advantageous to investors of real estate.
  • Several changes directly impact REITs. The 20% deduction on pass-through entity income is substantial and means that the top income tax bracket on REIT dividends goes from 39.6% to 29.6%.
  • Coupled with the removal of REIT dividends on wage restriction calculations means there is no cap on what one can deduct; this is a rather complex item for retail investors but significant to institutional investors.
  • The 1031 tax-free exchange for like kind holdings remains intact for REITs.
  • Ocala Metro is an attractive location for industrial/manufacturing/warehouse REITs.
  • Ocala has long been overlooked by national players for a variety of reasons; however, time has a way of bringing new players, views, and opportunities.
  • The transportation system is relatively strong for trucking and the demographics of the active working and flexible labor force bodes well for an increase in warehouse development.
  • From a pure fundamental perspective, increase trade disruptions between China and the EU means only one thing for Ocala, increased opportunities for South American trade.
  • Central American assembly, logistical costs, and reasonable lead time to the U.S. east coast makes Ocala a smart drop point for reconfiguration of land transport.
  • If the Ocala airport authority could cobble together a few long-term thinkers with solid financing, the boom heard would not be only from planes breaking the sound barrier.
  • The “Amazonification” of consumables is also in play.
  • The reduction of spokes in a hub-and-spoke distribution network (distribution center to retail outlet) has resulted in the transference, increase, and concentration in distribution square footage demands.
  • Sears is merely in the long and slow process of dying.
  • I see nothing on the horizon that will stem the tide of store closings.
  • The one item that is not discussed enough is the impact of the under-funding of the defined benefit pension plan for Sears employees.
  • While some discount the $4.5 billion paid into the pension in the last 13 years, a couple hundred million here and there adds up to a lot of people who would have not gone through significant employment upheaval.
  • $5 billion in stock buybacks, $4.5 billion in pension contributions, a 100 times drop in stock price ($140ish to $14), online technological advancements, changes in consumer engagement, and a “stuck-in-yesterday” mentality, well, what else is there left to do other than sell the land before the doors close?

Connecting dots is for client (and occasional non-client) educational use only. Investment Performance Is Not Guaranteed. Past performance is not indicative of future results. This material does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs. Nothing should be construed as an individual recommendation. Always read and all applicable information carefully before making an investment decision. Investments are not bank guaranteed, not FDIC insured. and may lose value. Due to our extensive holdings and that of our clients, you should assume that we have a position in all companies discussed and thus a conflict of interest should be assumed.

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Variable universal life insurance is permanent life insurance—it remains in force for the policyholder's whole life.

  • What exactly are you paying for?
  • Why pay more because you have more?
  • Why receive less because you have less?
  • The way we do it, it's better, simple, and works.
  • Think about it.