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The Company We Keep

  • Since 1934
  • Founded by economist Harold Dorsey
  • Independent & Objective Analysis
  • Collaborative Intelligence

Dogs & Distraction

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Another commission based Wall Street sales technique.

Key Points

  • Delegate
  • Fixed Cost Investing (SM)
  • Avoid Commissions

Friday, February 9, 2018

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Focus appropriately on long, intermediate, or short-term goals and objectives while avoiding shortsightedness of recency bias..

Roller Coaster Emotions

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  • Bad decisions are made when one is emotional
  • Command presence; calm and rational leadership during stressful events
  • The Joe Friday approach, "just the facts."

Chinese Workers Abandon Silicon Valley for Riches Back Home - An exodus triggered by abundant capital, growing innovation and flourishing career opportunities.

Federal regulators are taking the first step toward creating a policy guiding the development of autonomous transportation beyond self-driving cars to include trucks, buses, and other ground-based modes. Based on the policy, laws, rules, and regulations will be formulated. The U.S. Transportation Department will soon publish four requests for public comment on how to cast aside roadblocks for transportation advancements in vehicles, trains, buses, commercial trucking and transit systems. We encourage you to comment as you see fit.