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After a lot of discussion, we decided to lauch a YouTube page for TrueStar Advisors.

We did not do this right away for a number of reasons. First, YouTube is used by all of us to figure something out or for entertainment. Those who teach are often boring and we've all seen the horrible "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" morning attendance videos by goofy financial advisors, agents, bankers, brokers, and planners. As a result, talking money isn't something most people want to read about, listen to, or think about when there's so much high quality PewDiePie material out there and so little time to watch it. Second, YouTube shows the number of views and that stinks because ours will be low, low, low. Naturally it's low because we want you to go to our website like all of our clients. We really don't care about any social media site, we care about our site and our clients.

And so the gig is this. We are going to engage in social media for promotion purposes. We do not, have not, and never will social media as a way to communicate with prospective or active clients. Let's talk, but it has to be through our communications portals.

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Paul Grant Truesdell, J.D., AIF, RFC, CLU, ChFC - Chief Executive Officer