Care When Down "and" Up

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If you are not a client of TrueStar Advisors, here's a tip: Care when the market is down and up.

What does "caring" mean? It means you should care about how much you are paying your commission-based advisor, agent, banker, broker, and planner in both the good and bad times. But note that if you are paying a percentage of the value of your account each quarter, when the market is down, you're getting kicked worse than the percentage that the market is down.

Now, look at the chart. See the years where the market dropped? Those years are reflected as red, up years are green. When you think about it, really think about it by adding up all the money you've given to some financial salesman by way of AUM commissions, if you are like most people, you get mad when the market is down, but when it's up, you're okay with paying whatever. Right? Right. But it's not right.

Care about what you are paying in both the good and bad years, the difference will make the pain of the bad years a lot easier.