Tired of Them

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I have become tired of them. Tired of who? Repeaters posing a reporters.

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Very Few

There have been a few good reporters who did their jobs without the BS. The list that I've engaged with includes Michel Northsea of the Citrus Chronicle, Bill Thompson of the Lakeland Ledger, Carlos Medina of the Stan Banner, and Mark Schoeff Jr. of InvestmentNews. There are a few others but most are retired, out of business, or I am an ongoing non-attribution source; in other words, since I've testified as an expert witness against agents, advisors, brokers, dealers, planners, and their companies on an individual and class action basis, I guess I am that guy some trust because when I throw stones, I damn sure do not live in a glass house.

Fed Up!

**Where does my disgust come from? **

For clients of TSA I will one day share my father's and my experiences with the media; however, for this public blog, I will keep it brief and in my typical outline format.

  • Take responsibility for the accuracy of your work.
  • Verify information before going off half-cocked like a jackass.
  • Use original source material whenever possible.
  • Stop reporting like fools and buying the "Sam Hyde Did It!" trolls.
  • Speed does not excuse inaccuracy.
  • You are not an expert at everything so stop opining in your reports as if you are a know-it-all.
  • Politics sucks and a lot of us are fed up with all of it, so how about just the damn facts.
  • Regarding the facts, get to them right-out-the-chute, then tell the sappy stuff that I for one don't give two cents about, and if you feel compelled to opine, do it at the end in one sentence (if you have to).
  • Do not misrepresent or oversimplify.
  • Do not promote your personal views; in fact, don't have a damn personal view on anything...BE SPOCK.
  • We get it, most of you hate President Donald Trump but he's the President of the United States and deserves the respect that anyone in the office should receive. All you are doing is dragging down the nation into a 24/7 knife fight, and I am one of many who is sick of it.
  • Don't make promises and damn sure not with devils bearing insider information, advertising dollars, or political capital. YOU ARE NOT A LOBBYIST!
  • Consider the motives of people.
  • Not everyone of a victim.
  • Stop jumping on bandwagons like one of the lemmings.
  • Diligently seek news rather than sensationalist attention getters.
  • Be open and civil about the reasonable and rational exchange of views; however, call it when you see it. For example, when someone is violent and another (the one you disagree with politically) defends himself, IT IS NOT THE DEFENDER who started it. REPORT THE FACTS.
  • Provide source material when relevant and error on the side of full discloaure.
  • Aggressively support open and civil exchange of views, even when you find the views unsavory.
  • When advocating, commenting, or opining in the least bit, label it as such. Never cloak your views as part of the story and NEVER AS FACT. To do this is retarded.

Why the Rant?

As an investment advisor, we need facts and figures. We cannot count of the federal government for hard facts as they too are well known to giggle the numbers to fit the narrative. Business news sites are not longer trustworthy. They are not. Far too many have slipped in their bias and thus a little here and there means we don't trust you like before. Urinate on me once, you're a bad dog. Try it again and you'll get kicked to the curb as you begin to hike your leg.

Stop the Politics

"All we want are the facts, ma'am."

Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday of Dragnet

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