Thursday, September 13, 2018

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Apple's iPhone

The following is not a recommendation in any way shape or form; however, we have recently concluded our discussions at the firm regarding the announcement from Apple regarding improvements and new product offerings for the iPhone. Please be advised that this firm utilizes all forms of Apple products. Also, Apple is a significant holding in many of our investment silos. This information and opinion should be viewed as conflicted because we own, use, and are invested in Apple.

We are not short on the stock, but we will be evaluating the company with a stern eye over the next few months. To say that we were underwhelmed with the announcement of the new iPhones would be an understatement. We are concerned with the direction of Apple in that it appears to be a company that is focused solely on the distribution of their manufactured product, specifically the iPhone. Each and every product that they build as well as service seems to be centered off of the one single commodity. This is a dangerous position for any company to be in and you should know that we have long been a detractor of Microsoft and the direction of the company post the active engagement of Bill Gates. With that being said we believe that Microsoft is in a far better position going forward with the direction of the consumer and various technology-based requirements, and it will be seen whether Apple has made a bad bet on future deployment in reliance on the iPhone. While we have been disgusted with the detractors who have predicted the downfall of Apple, year-after-year, we are now paying attention to what some are saying.

Our quantitative analysis concerning who is buying what, where, when, and how coupled with our "sniffing-dirt" a qualitative approach as to the stickiness of the long-term and deep fanbase Apple enjoys with its users, from a full ecosystem engagement perspective will be a primary focus during the next several weeks.

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