The Air Force and our Military Procurement Investment Silo

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Air Force Readiness

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Tindal Airforce Base

Sitting in the ruined airplane hangars of Tyndall Air Force Base, which was shredded on Wednesday when Hurricane Michael swept across the Florida Panhandle, may be some of the Air Force’s most advanced — and most expensive — stealth fighter jets.

Air Force chief: Light attack is about more than hardware, it’s a boon for intelligence networks

Air Force Shares Details on Scrapped Light Attack Demo Day

John McCain: F-35 program has been a 'scandal - All talk and lot's of campaign contributors keeping the status quo as it is. With McCain gone, things might change.

AIR FORCE READINESS Actions Needed to Rebuild - Readiness and Prepare for the Future

TrueStar Advisors Investment Silos Discussed Five Year Annualized Return as of October 12, 2018

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  1. Military Procurement - 18.59%
  2. Internet 5 - 18.03%
  3. Silo 100 - 17.77%
  4. Aerospace - 16.94%
  5. Biotechnology - 15.93%
  6. Residential REIT - 15.31%


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Residential REITS are real estate investment trusts that focus primarily on rental apartment buildings and manufactured housing. Because these REITs depend on rental income from the properties they manage, many tend to own rental apartment building in high cost regions such as New York and Los Angeles. Residential REITs own and manage various forms of residences and rent space in those properties to tenants. Residential REITs include REITs that specialize in apartment buildings, student housing, manufactured homes and single-family homes. Within those market segments, some residential REITs also focus on specific geographical markets or classes of properties.

Reven Housing REIT Focuses On Workforce Rental Market