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Put your phone down. Pick up a book and read. Stop watching reality television shows, stupid YouTube videos, and TMZ. Instead, listen to classical music, do a crossword puzzle, and begin writing a daily journal by hand. Describe with flair your favorite chair and why you feel safe and secure in that chair. Now stand, stretch, bend, and rotate your neck, arms, and torso. Plank, run in place, do pushups, and a few sit-ups or crunches. But for God’s sake, put the damn phone or tablet down and turn off the mindless social media dribble that is filling your brain with crap.

If you suffer from intense feelings of stress, inadequacy, depression, and aloneness, it may be the result of SOS: Stupid Overload Stimulation.

For example, consider TrueStar Advisors. Unless you are a complete idiot, you know that fixed cost investing through a true fiduciary is the only way to go. You save time, money, and effort. When you need advice, you are going to get it without being sold the latest bundled pile of B.S. And yet, you sit there reading this and doing nothing. Why? Overstimulation and being overwhelmed by things that are meaningless. Information that you can and should control, but you don’t. As a result, you suffer anxiety, which if left to rot, may turn into depression.

Damn It, Stop It

Evidence from reputable researchers is growing that overstimulation is a significant factor in anxiety and depression. The toll of constant stimulation, a lack of sleep, proper exercise, and never turning-off and tuning out can become a killer. Noise, multitasking, cluttered surroundings, and non-stop social media are linked to isolation, anxiety, and depression. Muscles tense, knot, and ache. Why? It could be the result of overstimulation, a lack of rest, and always being on-call, tuned in, and Johnny on the spot.

A meltdown is akin to a child’s temper tantrum. Some get quiet, lose weight, over-eat, stop grooming, and abuse those who genuinely care for them. The noise, noise, noise leads to stress, confusion, and left unabated, insanity. Just look at the number of drug addicts, alcoholics, and outright lewd and disgusting behaviors that have become common. Why? Why have we seen an increase in stupidity in the nation?

In my opinion, the key lies in simplicity. It begins with what I call: Me, Me, Me. There was the me before today, the me of today, and the me tomorrow. You have to be selfish and focus on yourself first. If you don’t get selfish and quickly, you lose. You will miss the next hour to stupid, and that will turn into another lost day, week, month, year, decade, and life. Stop giving a damn about others until you have your act together, and that act begins in your head.

Regulate your environment. Sit, stand, or walk alone without headphones or earplugs and listen to nothing. Get up early, before everyone else in your home, at the most peaceful and quiet time, and think. Calmly let go and let the ideas and thoughts flow. Find balance, think balance, enjoy the benefits of a balanced life. Breath deeply, stretch broadly and relax. Control your physical, emotional, intellectual, relationship, and financial wealth. But never forget, that the most essential component of wealth is your physical and least is your financial. Yes, coming from an investment advisor, you can bank on this. The most critical component and the one thing you have the most control over is your physical wealth, then emotional, followed by intellectual, relationships, and financial.

Removing the overload includes using a true fiduciary who is not selling you to make a commission. The stress from being sold a money management product is awful, and saying no isn’t easy. But doing something isn’t either, especially when you’re overloaded. Chill out, relax, do what’s right, and get off your butt and get into the game of you. It’s your game, not theirs. Play your game and have fun doing it.

Think About It

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