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Current is a feature for clients of TrueStar Advisors. On a weekly or more often basis, we list links with occasional commentary as to what we are discussing in-house. Current is not a comprehensive tell-all, instead, it is our way or providing a glimpse as to what we're talking about over coffee, lunch, in the hallways while leaning against a wall, or in the board room.

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Total starts production in Egina field offshore Nigeria

Oman gov't to tap capital markets to plug budget gap Gulf nation is looking to raise $6.2bn internationally and at home to cover bulk of budget shortfall COMMENT: Oman’s government, whose budget deficit is among the largest of all the sovereigns tracked by Fitch Ratings, will tap capital markets for a fourth straight year to plug a fiscal gap vulnerable to lower oil prices. What will this mean for an area rife with violence to the south and difficult relations at best among neighboring states?

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