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Stephen King & Burt Reynolds

Stephen King, the author, is a wealthy man. He is also a former abuser of alcohol and illegal drugs. According to Wikipedia: “King's addictions to alcohol and other drugs were so serious during the 1980s that, as he acknowledged in On Writing in 2000, he can barely remember writing Cujo.” Despite his shortcomings, he is a wealthy man who has a formula that is well known and understood by others who are successful. He works and has a process.

King is reported to have said: “Read and write four to six hours a day. If you cannot find the time for that, you can't expect to become a good writer.” Let’s break this down a bit. Between 1980 and 1999, he published 39 books, amounting to 5 million words. Using his formula of 2,000 words every day, King erased two words for everyone he kept. Apparently, the delete key is frequently used by Stephen King.

How does this story apply to TrueStar Advisors and you? It applies when we use the words focus, awareness, and ignore. Stop. Before I continue, read, and say these words aloud: “focus, aware, ignore.”

Focus on what you like, are good and profitable at, and can control. Be aware of people, places, things, and events that have a direct influence on your life as well as your associates and broadly speaking, your acquaintances. Ignore everything else. With that said, the failure to ignore that which is worthless to you will do more harm than having mediocre focus and excessive attention. In other words, focusing too much attention on the things that you should be ignoring is a, and could be the receipt for failure.

Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on the 2,000-word daily activity by Stephen King. At this point, you have read 301 words a few numbers; you are now at 312. What I have written in the last fifteen minutes equal to approximately 16% of what I need to write today, to keep pace with Mr. King. Let’s continue.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Quora, Periscope, and other social media websites are for those who fans on the couch. Fans in the stands are not much better, but at least they got up and went to the game. In the stands does not mean you are on the field and those on the field are not all players. The front and back office, coaches, trainers, scouts, medical, and on-field support personnel that support each professional athlete is far more than one-to-one. Some sports the ratio is enormous, for others, it’s relatively small. Consider race car drivers. The ratio is massive per driver, and yes, race car drivers are athletes who no longer are full-time bootleggers and part-time dirt-track racers. Thus, and therefore, participation varies dramatically, but each person has a role; however, the role of the actual player is what is in the spotlight. The benchwarmer may not be playing, but they are contributing far beyond the couch potato fan, and their pain is far more real with each win and loss.

Word count as of this next word is 525.

Everything begins with the first step, and yes, you’ve heard that many times; however, it is the series of steps, not leaps, that determines success. Stephen King wakes each day, does whatever he does, and then gets to work. Step-by-step, word-by-word, grinding it out each day, he is accomplishing more-and-more. But so are you and so am I. Each day you go to work and earn a living. Let’s assume you work and have earned income rather than being voluntarily or involuntarily of non-working status. But is the work you do for income a passion or an end-to-a-means? If it merely an end-to-a-means, then to what means are you working towards? Collecting more nonsense friends on Facebook. Getting an endorphin high when you get more likes from this, that, and the other sicko media channels is not an endpoint, it’s a worthless point.

And thus, the point of this blog post. Stop wasting time on worthless ventures. Read a book. Read any book. After you read about Spot, Dick, and Jane move forward, slowly, and steadily, and read a bit from Ernest, F. Scot, Stephen, Kurt, Mark, Virginia, William, Jane, Charles, or George. Right now, I have four books in process by Edward, Kevin, Philip, and Ray, all are occupationally related, and I find each fascinating as I am connecting the dots with each. What is developing is a blender of their ideas into one that is mine and one that continues to advance one step at a time.

An idea must be followed by inspiration, creation, and execution. All talk and no action is nothing but hot air. Saying that you will one day begin investing, making better use of your money, or getting around to doing what you genuinely like, are good and profitable at, and can control is a copout.

TLDR: 830 Words.

Rest in peace Burt Reynolds, a man who was still taking steps but died before he completed his last contracted act.

Think about it....steps

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