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SALT - Simple Active Lifestyle Technology. How do you like that? I came up with the acronym SALT this morning while reading me latest book on technology. I paused, went into the gym (the one at my home), and worked out for thirty minutes; a light day for strength and endurance, but today’s the big stretching day. Then it was time to take a shower. While getting ready to seize the day (and yes, I actually think like that), I continued pondering SALT.

Back to interval reading, which is a morning routine of 15 minutes of reading, then 30 pushups, light stretching, and back to reading. After 90 minutes, it’s time for shoes, keys, and being driven to the office. This was when I had one of those eureka moments.

Here’s what I am going to do. Yesterday I instructed the team reconfigure Studio B, which is our primary audio recording studio. As a result, I've had audio operations on my mind for a few days. Next, SALT will be a component of our public and client only podcasts. I am not sure as to the details, but I do know that everyone needs a bit of SALT in their life.

Simple. Everything in life has gotten far too complex, so let’s keep it simple.

Active. I like being active rather than sedentary. There’s a time and place for everything, but as Nike says: Just Do It.

Lifestyle. For me, I am Paul Truesdell and I am a lifestyle where business is a lifestyle. The more I can simplify things to be more active in the things I like, am good and profitable at, and can control, well, all the better.

Technology. I want the technology I use to be efficient and effective without being too close to the cutting edge where its practicality has yet to be determined.

There are a lot of apps, tricks, tools, and processes that will fall into SALT, as well as many that will not.

Check back, and I’ll keep you updated; however, it will be the podcasts listeners and our clients who will be the salty ones.

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