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Rolls Royce Phantom for Everyone

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“Congratulations on your new million dollar vehicle,” Robert said as David got out of his new 2018 vehicle.

“Oh you’re so funny, ha, ha, ha,” Robert replied, “like I own a Rolls Royce Phantom.”

“Actually, Davey my boy, that thing is worth a lot more than a Rolls Royce.”

“You’re nuts. What have you been drinking?”

“It’s not what I’ve been drinking, it’s what I read on the website of my investment advisor.”

“TrueStar Advisors, right? Isn’t that the group you keep saying I should go with?”


“So what did you read Robert?”

“Well, here’s what’s on the website today. The average monthly payment for a new vehicle is $479. If that money were invested each month for 30 years and earned a 9.8% return, you’d have 1 million dollars.”

David’s eyes narrowed, he dipped his head as he furrowed his forehead, and said: “What?”

“So that’s a pretty nice ride you have there, and unless you paid cash for it, that’s a million dollar vehicle.”

“Okay, that sucks. Thanks for ruining my day buddy boy.”

“Hey, I’m there for you Davey.”

“Yeah. Well, next time I’ll just pay cash.”

Robert smiled and said, “Good idea, you’ll save half.”

David took a step back, put his hands in his pants pockets, and said, “Half? What else did you learn that will ruin my day?”

“David, I’m not ruining your day, but those guys at TrueStar don’t pull any punches. For example, I also read that the average car in 2017 cost $30,032. That amount invested at 9.8% for 30 years will be worth $500,000, and that’s what a Rolls Royce Phantom is going for.”

David sat down, crossed his legs, cupped his hands behind his head and said: “You know, I think I need to get real about money, tell me more about TrueStar Advisors.”

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