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A Silly Question

Which is better, investment X, Y, or Z?

I was asked the other day: "Paul, which is better for retirement income, an annuity, mutual fund, or should I stick with cash because of the market?"

My Response

  • Are you a client of our firm?
    • No.
  • Do you have $500 to give me?
    • No, why?
  • One more question, do you have an hour of time to spare?
    • No, I just want an answer. Look, man, you know stuff like this.
  • Yes I do. But I don't work for free. And if you ran into your doctor, standing in line at Starbucks, he's not going to examine you, diagnose your problem, and treat you here.
    • You know, you're an asshole at times. This is when I smiled, nodded, and walked away.

Three Points


Neither I or TrueStar Advisors provide free advice.


Advice is based on knowledge and information of an individual, couple, or entity, willingly provided and without embellishment. The authoritative response is based on a combination of experience, education, wisdom, and common sense, all of which costs time, money, and effort to achieve and maintain; however, future actions are solely dependent upon the one asking the questions.


Decisions with long-term consequences should not be made in haste, nor sourced from the comic inside a Cracker Jack box.


When you become a client, you will have full access to Educate. Our discussion on retirement income involves audios, videos, documents, and takes time. Retirement is that time in your life when you no longer want earned income and will rely solely on contractual and/or unearned income. CUE is our acronym for Contractual Income, Unearned Income, and Earned Income. Those are the three key components of retirement income, and from there, it can be complex or simple based solely on your lifestyle and choices in life.

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