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Trust But Verify

доверять, но проверить is a Russian proverb. The phrase became well known in English when used by President Ronald Reagan on multiple occasions in the context of nuclear disarmament.

##### America's Political Cold War

The United States of America is at war on a race, ethnic, cultural, technological, and economic basis. The denial that we are in the midst of the Second Civil War of the United States is childish. The consolidation of influence and manipulation of mass lemmings has fractured the nation in ways and depths that make us question the ability to recover with unity. At this time, we forecast the collapse of the union as we know it today, at 77% within 40 years. The reconstituted government will either be strong-man lead and centralized with regional authorities or balkanized into independent states with multifaceted ways of governance. Either way, the system today is broken and untrustworthy.

##### Unlocked Doors

Why do you lock your doors? Why do we have laws against trespassing? Why should one control and enjoy a piece of property above anyone else; the neighbor or passerby? Because you have rights, that's why. And the principles behind individual property rights also apply to public property rights. We are supposed to have a nation and government of we the people, not a government that governs the people. Frankly, what the hell is wrong with so damn many people today?

##### Reset

In my opinion, I see only one option to restore the trust and confidence in the electoral system: Reset. Start by wiping the voter rolls clean, establish a clean and concise federal law for federal voter participation, bifurcate national elections from state elections, and punish voter fraud severely. Severe punishment should include the following: A minimum mandatory ten-year prison term for anyone not associated with a political campaign, the permanent loss of all future voting privileges, and a permanent reduction in Social Security benefits of all type by 10% for the first offense, 50% for the second offense, and termination of all benefits for the third offense. As for those who are associated with a campaign as an unpaid volunteer or paid staffer, including the candidate, a minimum mandatory twenty-year prison term, the immediate loss of all voting rights, and forfiture of all Social Security benefits.

A Disgrace

The electoral process, system, and integrity is a disgrace to the nation, and it's not new. The bitching and complaining by Democrats and Republicans is endless, and it's more than old news. The time has come for rational men and women to join forces to call bullshit when bullshit exists. And if you think this is extreme, then you believe the business model of TrueStar Advisors is radical. You see, we're consistent in a world of inconsistency.

Why pay more because you have more, or receive less because you have less? And thus, why should one vote when one has no standing, diluting those with lawful status, and why should some be counted when others are not?


I have no room for hypocrites in our organization, and we as a nation should adopt this as a philosophy as well.