Touch, Order, Last Mile, and Digitar

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Touch, Order, Last Mile, and Digitar

Before Amazon, there were plenty of mail order opportunities and the mail order behemoths we used have disappeared. Sears, Montgomery Ward, and J.C. Penny's all served a grateful and profitable segment of American society. In case you did not know it, you could order a house through Sears and it would be delivered to you for assembly by the Railway Express Company. These homes that by today's standards, would be called the newest thing as "Tiny Homes," were not special, they were just known as "Sears Housing Kits." But alas, the bureaucratic blinders by those who achieved their positions through mastering brown-nose folly are the sole reason why Jeff Bezos and others like him succeeded and traditional brick and mortar only stores are the latest kindling in the burn pit of once great companies.

The notion that brick and mortar stores are dead is as ridiculous. Those who said online stores were just a fad back in the late 90s when we experienced the first of many, and many to come, dot-com busts were wrong. Just like Steve Ballmer, who said the iPhone would never make it, closed-minded corporate pinheads can't help being, well, pinheads. We forecast as that's what we do, that Facebook will fall rather rapidly over the next few years. Why? Too much, too deep, too intrusive, too creepy, and as hard as this will be to accept by those who are over 50, too old. Yes, Facebook is old news, an old business model, and run by a bunch of old people. What! Yes. Facebook is run by a bunch of old people. In a moment I will continue with Amazon and the future of consumerism but bear with as I show you how Facebook is dying. Zuckerberg is 34 and Sandberg is 49; near dead by those who are between 15 and 25. But wait. 58, 73, 61, 51, 47, 66, and 51 are the ages of the remaining members of the rubber-stamp board of directors. These numbers are young by most traditional standards but for Facebook, which has experienced dramatic decreases in usage, engagement, retention, and acquisition, in a world of high-tech, high turnover, recency bias, and ageism as it seeks to maximize profits during a period of declining market share.

Now back to Amazon, the company that you are in bed with the devil when you agree to their distribution terms. The last mile is the most expensive mile for Amazon or anyone delivering anything, but that's changing. With Amazon Lockers in apartments, condos, business centers, convenience stores, and mailbox centers, the last mile is transferred to you and me. And why not. We're on our way home, Amazon Lockers are at the grocery store on the way home. Trher's a package to pick up and we need milk. Two birds with one stone, or the blending of digital and mortar into "Digitar." Digitar is mine, and I created the name but Amazon and others are executing it perfectly. As Amazon says: "Amazon Lockers are secure, self-service kiosks located across the U.S. Lockers allow you to pick up your package at a time that's convenient for you — even evenings and weekends. No more worrying about packages left at your door while you're out."

We feel we are doing the same thing. Our "Digitar" approach is this. We have a real headquarters, with real people, desks, computers, meeting rooms, chairs, lights, cameras, and someone to call "action." We've blended OLD School and NEW School into ONE School (that's another one of mine, so credit me when you use it). With ONE School there's only one way to do business. The TrueStar way, where you are the true star and we are the advisor. Where we follow the TrueStar Golden Rule, and where it's better, simple, and works.

Digitar is not a dinosaur but rather a new breed of business for the black, gray, white, and new collar worker and the retiree of all shapes and sizes.

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If only the U.S. Postal Service would think about "Postal Lockers." The revenue and approval would be out-of-this-world.

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