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I believe there is a high probability that you will encounter what I am about to describe to you, today or in a day or two if you engage in any way, shape, or form with another human. I place the probability as high because you are reading this blog, and the intended focus of the blog is for those who have a higher level of maturity, intelligence, and critical thinking skills than the ordinary and lowest members of society. And so, what is it that you are likely to encounter?

Meanness or Stupidity

Synchronic, Episodic, and Diachronic

When you come across someone with a distinctive trait for being mean or stupid, it is always best to be aware and prepared, but do not let them annoy you. To let MISOPs (Mean, Idiotic, Stupid, and/or Obnoxious People) distress you is to allow them to control you. Observe, note, and remember what they do that is unacceptable and merely add it to your body of knowledge. Share as you deem appropriate, but avoid doing so with those who are synchronic or episodic if you expect a give-and-take conversation.

Throughout our lives, we will inevitably have to deal with the garden variety of MISOPs, as well as the blue ribbon winners. These specimens are often a waste of human tissue who live to stir up trouble and make our lives difficult and unpleasant.

In an episode of Connecting Dots, we explore MISOPs, and the theories around synchronic, episodic, and diachronic memory, problem-solving capabilities, and time horizons.

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