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Generally speaking, those who are true coaches are valuable to many professional and amateur athletes. The coach does not do what the athlete does but often has in the past. Building upon real-world experience and continuing to stay abreast of current events, coupled with the acquisition of relevant and substantial knowledge, a good coach can be the difference between a championship and a losing season. With coaching having moved from sports to the executive office suites and all stations in between, coaching works when the one coaching is working at it like a business.


Bad coaching occurs when one has a personal agenda that conflicts with the person coached. Using one with less talent to increase the value and capabilities of another with more ability, and all the while, telling the lesser qualified that they are just a good and will one day make it, all to merely keep them in the game as fodder for the one with the natural talent is bad to the bone coaching; with bad as bad, not an autantonym for good.


The ugly occurs when a coach is a commission based salesperson and using coaching as a ruse to sell a product or service that may or may not be needed. Ugly coaching is becoming a trend among some financial product salespeople. Many pseudo-financial planners are growing frustrated with the rejection that more and more people are heaping on them of their ballyhoo services; especially among the higher educated, experienced, and wealthy.


Affinity fraud has been around as long as man, and his biped kinfolk have been roaming this ball of mud we call earth. The bright line between affinity fraud and marketing is often a scant sliver at best. Knowing this and the fact that several religious and non-religious media personalities are into or promoting coaching, coach training, and an onslaught of written, audio, and video material, all for prices that ensure more million into the pockets of the talking head, the solution is this: Just Say No Nancy. Can I get an Amen?