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Extreme minimalism is an incredibly self-centered approach to life. That may sound unusual and be unexpected from one who believes that one should own everything they use, but use everything one owns. Now let’s open the book and force those who are extreme minimalist to do the same.

A person is always either dependent, independent or, to varying degrees a combination of each. From childhood to adulthood, we become more independent of mommy and daddy, at least that is the way it should work for those who are not suffering from physical, emotional, or intellectual impairments. We grow and prosper into full adulthood and begin to procreate; again, many but not all. When earning more than we need, we spend it all and live life to the fullest without a care in the world. Then we die.

But for those who understand the need to make bank, saving and investing for that time when one becomes dependent upon others because of the natural aging process makes sense. And so, the extreme minimalist, single, without children, or assets other than the barest of bare bones is just as selfish as those who spend it all, all the time.

Extreme lifestyles are complicated to maintain on a long-term basis individually and extremely damaging to the fabric and core of a nation, state, community, and family.

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