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Yesterday the stock market had a tremendous one-day gain. Those who sold a few days or weeks ago because they knew everything was going down the drain, lost out.

At times this blog may sound like a broken record, and that’s fine. Some things need to be said over and over, and then again and again.

The mainstream news, and and the majority of business news websites, are full of beans. They want your eyes on ads, and for you to click on those ads. They want you to buy, change, modify, and switch things up. Why? Because that is how they get paid. The only news sites that are worth a ding-dong are those that are unbiased. Look first for those with fiduciary-based compensation principles. Giving some of your time and effort away for free as a promotion for what one will get when one pays for access is fine but in moderation. This is what we do at TrueStar Advisors, and it works. Why? Because it’s simple and better, efficient and effective, and we have a great time doing it.

Here's a suggestion to improve your financial, mental health. Turn off the news for the most part. Stay focused on that which directly affects you. Think about your situation concerning yesterday, today, and tomorrow regarding how much money you are earning, spending, and will need if something should negatively affect your income. In essence, what I am saying is this: Do not lock all of your money up.

And this is important. I am not talking about market timing. No. Not a bit. Instead, I am talking about expenditure and withdrawal terms timing. If you want to know more about expenditure and withdrawal timing, become a client and...

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