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A Case of Coca-Cola

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Do we discuss the global economic market and forecast based on the data we are aware of? Yes. Does it make much of a difference in the lives of most of our clients? No. Shocker!

Generally speaking, the overwhelming majority of our clients have delegated the management of their money to use because we are a true fiduciary. Second, most of our clients know that we preach and they believe in the following: “Do what you like, are good and profitable at, and can control.” With that said, let’s take a few minutes to explore global, fiduciary, and delegation.

  • The global economy is in its 10th year of expansion following the hogwash that took place in 2007 through the early part of 2009. The odds are overwhelming yes for a variety of reasons.
  • Will there be an imminent recession? We don’t think so.
  • Will technology disruption continue? Yes. In fact, thinking long-term, so too was: fire, the wheel, the cotton gin, steam engines, and trains. Technology is not new; however, for those who are new and who suffer from recency, it’s a huge deal.
  • With a slowing economy, will government expenditures continue at the pace they are now? Who knows. We thought the day of reckoning would have already come, but as it is, they continue to print the greenbacks and shuffle the debt around like a New York City shell game con.
  • Will relations between China, Russia, the EU, and the US thaw? No. Different cultures, government, ethics, and morality will always divide people; however, with an open society and porous borders, harmony and consensus if far more difficult to maintain in the US with a long-term perspective.
  • Will fiduciary standards akin to those of TrueStar Advisors, become the norm in the financial services industry? No. The commission-based brokers and conflicted advisors have too many lobbyists, and politicians are easily swayed with money.

On an individual basis, it’s wise to be aware of what is going on globally, but it is far more critical to know what is going on at home. And when we say “home,” we are actually talking about your home. Reducing one’s consumerist ways and adopting a modern minimalist approach, will make far more of a difference in the lives of most Americans, rather than relentless focus on getting a better deal on a case of Coca-Cola at Sams, Costco, or Walmart.

Think About It

A case of Coca-Cola (24 cans) currently cost approximately $13 at Sams. If one invested $13 per week for 40 years, and earned a 9% rate-of-return, the $27,040 not spent on fizzy waters would be worth $241,803. Again: Think About It.

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