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Simple set-up • No hidden fees • Cancel at any time


Choose from a selection of more than 60 Investment Allocations using ETFs and/or stocks. Change or update at any time.


Invest as much or as little as you want at any time while monitoring each investment goal.


Separate your investment accounts into Silos, each with their own volatility and time-based goal.


Professional, experienced, and licensed Investment Advisor Representatives.

Fixed Cost Investing℠

Never pay more. Never receive less. Know and control exactly what you're paying.


Understandable articles, podcasts, and videos about topics that matter.

How is TrueStar Different?

We are the professional investment advisor for those who do not want to be sold a commission based product or service. We set the gold standard by following the golden rule. You will not pay more or receive less based upon the value of your account. Our goal is to democratize investing with a true fiduciary standard that exposes the widespread conflicts of interest throughout the financial services industry.

Simple set-up • No hidden fees • Cancel at any time

Fixed Cost Investing℠

End commission blindness, know and control exactly what you’re paying.

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Unbundled & Fully Transparent

$10 per month per household subscription fee. $10 per Silo per month and unlimited brokerage accounts.

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  • Flexible Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Over 60 Silo Strategies Available
  • Unlimited Brokerage Accounts
  • Individual, Joint, IRAs, and Trust Brokerage Accounts
  • Change, Split, Move, Modify Strategies at Any Time
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Additional Silo

$10/month each

Additional Silos are $10 /month.

Additional Investment Silos can be added or removed at any time, can be placed in a single brokerage account, or mulitple accounts, depending on your situation

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Investment Advisor Meeting

$125/quarter hour

Pay only for the time you use.

Meet with a TrueStar Investment Advisor Representative over the phone or video chat at your scheduled convenience. In quarter hour increments to prevent wasting time and money.

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Administrative Meeting

$20 /quarter hour

Pay only for the time you use.

Administrative meetings are for those items that do not require investment advice. Unusual or extraordinary administrative needs are best handled by our support staff.

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Platform Features

Everyone receives the same great features. No pricing or service tiers.

Fixed Cost

Everyone pays the same.

This is the way it should be done. Everyone pays the same for access and per-Silo management. $20 per month for account access and one Investment Silo, additional Investment Silos are $10 per month. There is no minimum balance required on an account or Silo basis.

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Zero Commission Trading

Unlimited trades and zero commissions.

Leveraging the patented window trade platform of Folio Institutional, nobody pays commissions. This way you always know we buy, sell, and hold Investment Silo holdings because we're following our true fiduciary based standards.

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Cash Security

Cash Sweep Program and Extended FDIC Insurance

All cash not invested in securities is automatically included in our custodian's Sweep Program and will either be swept into FDIC-insured banks participating in the Sweep Program or held by Folio Institutional and protected by SIPC-insurance. Folio Institutional offers extended FDIC insurance (in the millions of dollars) for both principal and accrued interest for money held in the banks in our Sweep Program.

Current FDIC Insurance Coverage
  • $4.5 million for individual accounts
  • $9.0 million for joint accounts (held by two people) under the same Social Security Number (SSN)
The total balance in all retirement accounts and the total balance in non-retirement accounts are insured separately and are not aggregated together for the purposes of insurance coverage calculations.

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Don't like it? Don't own it.

Choose from individual securities, whole sectors, or social issues to limit your investment allocations to only the companies you feel comfortable investing in. We believe in empowering our clients with true choice.

Only available to allocations with individual securities.

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Tax Management

Automated Tax Strategies

Select from 10 different automated tax lot strategies, strategies can be applied on an account or Silo basis. You can change an automated strategy at any time.

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The Beauty of Process Investing

This is the way it works in simple terms. Stock picking is an active approach and costly. True passive investing results in average returns with low cost. We developed what we call the professional process.

Simple set-up • No hidden fees • Cancel at any time

Investment Selection

Style & Choice that Fits You


33 ETF Portfolio Choices

Time & Volatility ETF Silos are designed to provide you with a diversified investment approach that is based upon a target date for withdrawals and volatility preference. Each Silo maintains a strategic balance between expected return and risk, with the intention of decreasing risk as the target date nears.

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Broad Basic

20+ ETF & Stock Portfolio Choices

Exchange Traded Funds or individual stocks are used in the Broad Basic Silos. Unlike the Time & Volatility Silos, the Broad Basic Silos do not adjust for the timing of distributions or volatility.

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Stock Sectors

20+ Stock Portfolio Choices

The Stock Sector Silos are comprised of individual stocks and are designed to follow a sector of the stock market. Sector Stock Silos are in essence, separately managed accounts with a defined sector strategy. Like all Stock Silos, the holdings in the portfolio are directly owned by the investor and have their own cost basis.

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Silo Baskets

16 ETF & Stock Silo Basket Choices

Silo Baskets are the natural "next step" in true fiduciary based money management. The Silo Baskets approach offer professional money management, efficiently and effectively through a combination of Time & Volatility ETF, Broad Basic Stock, and Stock Sector Silos.

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3 Stock Portfolio Choices with Infinite Customization

Blacklist investing begins by selecting one of three, equal weight stock indexes and then blacklisting those companies you do not want in your Investment Silo.

Pending general availability, expected during Q2 2018.

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A fiduciary is a person or firm with rights and powers to be exercised for the benefit of another person. A conflict of interest occurs when the amis of two different parties are incompatible. If a person claims to be a fiduciary but benefits more or less, based on the buying, selling, management, or profit of assets under management, they are in breach of their fiduciary duty. Our video breaks it down and it’s simple.

Simple set-up • No hidden fees • Cancel at any time

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